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International Advisers

International Advisers works exclusively for insurers of export credit and investments who are members of the Berne Union and the Prague Club. The company employs highly skilled and experienced personnel from various disciplines and countries and offers its services worldwide. Along with the use of a vast network of own offices and dedicated partners around the globe, it can deliver in very short time, detailed reports about stakeholders and be engaged quickly and effectively when and wherever necessary.

IA holds for decades a leading position in Investigation-, Negotiation- and Recovery services for Trade Credit Insurers. The company accumulated vast experience and has developed outstanding methods adjusted to the particularities of each country.

International Advisers produces highly professional reports about stakeholders, based on data from publicly accessible sources, “fresh” market information from its local offices and IA-agents and other intelligence from stakeholders’ competitors, -clients, -investors and other.

IA operates always in the most professional way by using high-quality diplomacy and always with respect to international regulations and treaties.

For International Advisers, issues like different language, different time zone, local culture and specific country legislation form no barrier and assure the best possible handling of our clients’ case.

A professional and highly specialized Service Agency exclusively for Trade Credit Insurance Corporations

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