International Advisers

At International Advisers we work exclusively for export-credit insurance companies who are members of the Berne Union and the Prague Club. Our staff consists of experienced and higly skilled professionals from various disciplines like Lawyers, Economists, Engineers, Fiscal Analysts etc. Further we maintain a large international network of own offices and dedicated law- and consulting firms. From our Headquarters in The Netherlands we run all our global activities. This structure offers a central communication point for our clients and the best possible orchestration of global operations.

Proactive Action

At International Advisers we work both upon instructions as proactively, advising our clients on events which might lead to increased risk for their operations. Our advice is always easy to comprehend, includes practical next steps and our teams are always ready to implement any of the suggested actions, in any of the countries which we serve around the world.

Familiarity with local legal systems, languages and collection practices

Upon receipt of a case from our clients, we straight away instruct our colleagues located in the country(ies) in which the case is located, to approach the counterparty. Our colleagues are all experienced and well- versed professionals in their fields. Feeling quite at home in the language, regulations, and practices of the country in question means that they are capable of handling matters efficiently. Especially in a country whose customs and practices are complicated, the level of experience and expertise of the person acting on behalf of our clients makes all the difference.

One counter for worldwide service

While our acts are carried out locally by our colleagues working on the spot, all contact between International Advisers and its customers, however, is channeled through the head office. This centralisation means that our customers know exactly where to direct their inquiries and can be kept optimally informed of any progress made. This also means that our colleagues on the spot can devote themselves to the matter in hand: the management of the assigned case.

Safeguarding the relationship between a PH and its clients

International Advisers’ priority is safeguarding the relationship between the Policy Holders and their clients. We realize that the way in which that happens is crucial. We also realize how important it is for our principals not to lose the counterparty altogether as a customer because of the prevailing situation. International Advisers goes about its work, bearing this in mind at al times and has been so far very successful in it.