International Coverage

International Advisers is present in 60% of the countries of the globe. The company manages insured cases in the most remote corners of the world.

All files are handled in the most careful and diplomatic way as to assure the highest levels of professionality and to preserve where necessary the relationship between a Policy Holder and its counterparty.

Central in the success of the International Advisers stands the company’s’ headquarter in The Netherlands. There, highly skilled and professional personnel holding mostly Master degrees, assisted by the most advanced data collection and data interpretation software, plan for every case separately the strategy to follow and steer accordingly –within 12 hours from assignment- the local country teams of the company.

Further, standard visiting the counterparty by the country team member(s) make part of our company’s approach as to immediately find out the actual situation of the counterparty’s operations. In accordance, frequent contact ensures that the counterparty remains constantly in the picture and follows the renegotiated agreements.

Legislation has no secrets for International Advisers and local and highly acknowledged law firms are ready to initiate legal actions around the world at any time needed.

Per case, a team consisting of at least two lawyers and a business analyst decide upon the best legal approach, taking into consideration the counterparty’s specific situation, the market conditions in which they operate the local economic outlook. Possible actions include:

  • the issuance of Court Orders
  • complete Lawsuits thoroughly prepared and supported by evidence
  • Bankruptcy filings etc.

Through the extensive preparation of every legal action, International Advisers manages to achieve one of the highest success rates in case-winning worldwide.

Credit Insurance Advisory

In the field of Credit Insurance Advisory, International Advisers can provide reports about the trustworthiness of companies and/or public bodies from any country in the world.

Conducting of due diligence on both operational and financial field, accompanied by a professional and easy to comprehend report, provide Insurance Underwriters with a powerful tool as to decide whether or not to authorize the opening and/or maintaining of a credit limit and the acceptance of coverage for a certain investment.

In that way, the risk of doing business aboard gets limited to the minimum.

Medium and Long Term credit insurance

In the complicated field of MLT Credit Insurance, International Advisers is the best suitable partner when it comes to Investigations, Negotiations, and Recovery.

The company has developed a powerful MLT-taskforce consisting out of well-trained and experienced Business Professionals (MBA level), Lawyers (LLM level) and IA-field Agents.

This task force operates in Asian and African Countries, Europe and Latin America. The fields covered by IA’s task force include FDI*- projects in Infrastructure (airports, harbors, highways etc.), Construction (ministerial-/government buildings, hospitals, power plants etc.), Oil and Gas (oil platforms/ oil rigs, pipelines, drilling equipment etc.) and Logistics (shipping, road, air, storage).

IA maintains relations high-level government officials, international (financial) institutions and organizations as to ensure first-hand information, direct discussion of solutions and high effectiveness.

Our company boasts about a high-rate of successful negotiations and solved problems regarding international MLT contracts.